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Departures are guaranteed as soon as one guest is confirmed on a safari.

WHAT IS A MOBILE SAFARI? “The word safari is a swahili word the mean a short journey.

Mobile safari” means that you are going to be on a guided journey, traveling by road, to explore different destinations.

• Most authentic way of experiencing the wilderness in Botswana.

• Trekking across Southern Africa’s beautiful destinations while witnessing the stunning wildlife and Mother Nature. 



The mokoro is the dug in canoe, a traditional form of transport in the Okavango Delta. They were originally canoes dug out of large strong tree trunks. The trunks had to be straight of course so only a few types of tree are suitable. Sliding silently along channels and across shallow flood plains you will have a chance to study the beautiful lilies, other water plants and the painted reed frogs. You may see elephants crossing the plains or on one of the islands. Giraffe may be seen in the distance and of course there are many birds.


Enjoy adventure game drive along unspoiled nature trails. View the nocturnal world on night game drives.  Delight in exhilarating safaris and game drives. Our Guests do enjoy great photographic opportunities of wildlife in their natural habitats day and night, wildlife viewing, self- driven  4x4 vehicles exploring the wealth of wildlife. The Concession area stretches up-to the border of the famous Moremi Game Reserve, home to an exquisite array of wildlife species and guests can enjoy exhilarating safaris, which provide them with remarkable views of these gems of Africa. We offer half and full day self-driven game drives. Definitely you need your spot-light for a night game-drive.

3. Cultural Tours
Shandereka cultural village showcases the traditional village life of the Sankuyo community who are Bayei, Banajwa and Basubiya. These people are excellent basket weavers and carvers. The village provides traditional dances, demonstrations on the traditional doctor, basket weaving, carving of wooden curios and the granaries where the grain is stored. For those visitors seeing a more in-depth African experience, enquire about our cultural visits and enjoy traditional Bayei culture in Shandereka.



 4. Boat  Cruising

Experience the view of an incredible variety of animal and bird species through our pre-arranged boat and mokoro (traditional canoe) excursions in the Delta.




Sightseeing from a small plane on a scenic flight will give you the ultimate view of the Okavango Delta's spectacular geography and wild life. Glimpse the beautiful water channels that meander traversing the palm and papyrus fringed waterways, passing palm-fringed islands. With high chances of heart-stopping excitement of big game viewing.

“Thus Botswana with her vast expanses of uninhabited wilderness, prolific wildlife, breathtaking sunsets, and night skies filled with stars and heavenly bodies of inconceivable brilliance will put you in touch with your natural self.”

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